Living in Carnoustie, Scotland

Carnoustie: they come with their 70cl of Glens & wee baggie of pills

In Carnoustie high street you'll encounter groups of kids sitting outside the spar on 3 pills hugging their best friend saying "I love you bro".

Living in Ballingry, Scotland

Ballingry: A former mining village that seems immune to any form of improvement

Ballingry had some respectability before they closed all the mines, now the statisticians have to invent a new scale of multiple deprivation for this place as is off the scale.

Living in Wishaw, Scotland

Wishaw, A psycho’s paradise with f*ck all to do

Wishaw is a relatively small town in North Lanarksire famed for well... nothing.

Living in Dundee, Scotland

Dundee: think drug dealing is going to be profitable, it wont be

Dundee is the largest town in Tayside. Although a city, it certainly feels like a town from the moment you arrive at the train station with only 2 platforms.

Living in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

St Andrews – Such a lovely town, if you are tourist or student that is…

People often say to me, "oh you are from St Andrews, you must be posh?", to which I reply, "I'll tell the jokes!"