Worst places to live in Scotland

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  1. Living in Elgin, Scotland

    Elgin – Embrace the Void

  2. Living in Carnoustie, Scotland

    Carnoustie: they come with their 70cl of Glens & wee baggie of pills

  3. Living in Ballingry, Scotland

    Ballingry: A former mining village that seems immune to any form of improvement

  4. Living in Wishaw, Scotland

    Wishaw, A psycho’s paradise with f*ck all to do

  5. Living in Dundee, Scotland

    Dundee: think drug dealing is going to be profitable, it wont be

  6. Living in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

    St Andrews – Such a lovely town, if you are tourist or student that is…

  7. Living in Prestopans, Scotland

    Prestonpans residents, they’re the most miserable lot in East Lothian

  8. Living in Glasgow, Scotland

    Pollok, Glasgow, attempts to modernise the place have largely failed

  9. Living in Aviemore, Scotland

    Aviemore: we are made to feel as welcome as a Christian in Saudi Arabia

  10. Living in Forth, Scotland

    Forth – a grey & moribund carbuncle on the arse-end of Scotland

  11. Living in Brechin, Scotland

    Brechin is home to people who have nowhere else to go

  12. Living in Arbroath, Scotland

    Arbroath: a mixture of racists and junkies