Living in Ballingry, Scotland

Ballingry: A former mining village that seems immune to any form of improvement

Ballingry had some respectability before they closed all the mines, now the statisticians have to invent a new scale of multiple deprivation for this place as is off the scale.

Living in Wishaw, Scotland

Wishaw, A psycho’s paradise with f*ck all to do

Wishaw is a relatively small town in North Lanarksire famed for well... nothing.

Living in Dundee, Scotland

Dundee: think drug dealing is going to be profitable, it wont be

Dundee is the largest town in Tayside. Although a city, it certainly feels like a town from the moment you arrive at the train station with only 2 platforms.

Living in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

St Andrews – Such a lovely town, if you are tourist or student that is…

People often say to me, "oh you are from St Andrews, you must be posh?", to which I reply, "I'll tell the jokes!"

Living in Prestopans, Scotland

Prestonpans residents, they’re the most miserable lot in East Lothian

Prestonpans people are half baked, miserable, bitter, and as sour faced as Andrew Lloyd Webber licking on a nettle.