Brechin is home to people who have nowhere else to go

Living in Brechin, Scotland
Living in Brechin, Scotland

Ahh Brechin.. Green Grass, White Snow and Brown Mud.. Or just slang terms Brechiners use for drugs. Traditionally Brechin is often described as a city because of its cathedral and its status as the seat of a pre-Reformation Roman Catholic diocese. But I would say different. Brechin is home to people who have nowhere else to go.

Walking along Montrose Street to see junkies fighting over a pack of cigarette papers, all the way to The Castle Centre where the old people gather to plan there next robbery. Go to a local pub for a microwave meal to be told to not mess around with the local lads as they once **** a twelve year old up just so they could take his mums home-made mac and cheese.

If you ever feel you look like **** and don’t wanna leave the house.. Brechin is the place for you, because no one will bat an eye. But if it’s a lady your looking for well.. Most of them are pregnant (God knows who went through that ordeal to get them in that position) and the rest have already slept with your best mate.

How grim is your Postcode?

Go to Lidl where the cool kids hang about, Rev the engine in their Corsa and show the girls what being a real man is all about. Ken this, Ken that, Ken what. I will end this article by saying if you are planning to come to Brechin, be prepared to leave with a wee child, some kind of drug addiction and a certificate on how to hang round a discount food store but still look cool.

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