Prestonpans residents, they’re the most miserable lot in East Lothian

Living in Prestopans, Scotland

Prestonpans or as locals say ‘the Paaans’ has got to be the most miserable lot in east Lothian. The people here are half baked, miserable, bitter, and as sour faced as Andrew Lloyd Webber licking on a nettle.

The gossip mongering is off the scale -men and women and nobody has a life. Everyone exists to keep up with the Jones’ and to be top dog in the car/house/family arena.

The top consists of a cardboard cut out scheme-where people actually pay loads of money to live in what is basically a ghetto, so they can make out they have tons of cash.

How grim is your Postcode?

Kids are feral and everyone knows everyone’s business.

Most people are dying to suck you dry for any info, so they can stab you in the back and use it against you.

The place is soooo nosey it’s unreal. Orange bands still march through and all that is still rife.  It’s rough but snobbish (what a joke) and if you dare move here people will treat you like you have two heads .