Living in Nairn, Scotland

Nairn screams sh*thole, from the miserable scenery to the run down high st

Aesthetically it is depressing at best, however appearances can be deceiving. Delve past this & you'll see what a true sh*thole this town is

Living in Annan

Annan, an unknown but disgusting town.

If you're ever driving through Annan, roll up the windows, tint them to hell, lock all your doors, and NEVER come back (for your own safety)

Living in Clackmannan

Clackmannan, village mentality 101

You can only survive a night in Clackmannan, if you have the blood of a Clackmannaner in you. Sharing a needle doesn't count.

Living in Dunoon, Scotland

Dunoon, what did they do?

Dunoon council thought they'd stick the junkies from Greenock and Clydebank into Dunoon, to help them get back on track with their "lives".

Living in Glenrothes, Fife

Glenrothes: so dull, visiting the place is sheer grating torture

Glenrothes consists of people who've given up on life or have opened up their legs & now come with multiple little greeting faced sh*tebags.