Living in Forth, Scotland

Forth – a grey & moribund carbuncle on the arse-end of Scotland

Forth Village residents range from angry old people visibly flustered that the Grim Reaper has overlooked them, to young delinquents and single mums on benefits chugging Buckfast.

Living in Cumbernauld, Scotland

The Siberian mining experiment-come-‘New’ town of Cumbernauld

Drinking Buckfast in Cumbernauld has become so ingrained in local culture that it has taken on a spiritual role transcending anything offered by church or state.

Living in Belfast

Belfast and the fermented cough syrup that is Buckfast

When a wee charv pesters you for a tab, don’t get pissed off. Smile and think to yourself, it could be worse, I could be living in Belfast.