Living in Arbroath, Scotland
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Angus, Scotland

Arbroath is the place of the Abbey which the stone of destiny was placed after being stolen from London. The people of Arbroath are a mixture of racist and junkies. The racism is not of skin colour it is of places outside Arbroath. A trip on a date is to pie bobs and a quick feel up behind it.

Arbroath is famous for the smokies. The woman of Arbroath are covered in scales and smell of fish and the men are like grunting Neanderthals gesturing a pint of the cheapest beverage available to the landlord or landlady of the smoky town pubs.

The people are ignorant and arrogant and it is like being transported back in time to medieval era with the fashion of house items, clothing and so forth. It is worth avoiding at all costs, the place stinks of fish from the heat harbour or the woman there that have not yet discovered soap or shampoo.

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  • Yellow Snow

    Poor attempt at writing in the English language, whoever is responsible.

  • Brian Cowe

    what a load of Rubbish

  • Lance Wendling

    Sounds like someone is ass-hurt over BREXIT. Get over it. BREXIT all the way!