Living in Wigton, Cumbria
  Written by Anonymous. Pic Via

Wigton is a crummy little town that only ever consists of usage of drugs, alchol and fights! You at Kirkland when you first come into wigton, it’s quite a quite place to live due to it been full of the elderly. There’s only a few thugs living up there. Moving down is the high street were there is literally hardly any shops, the spotted cow (cafe) & behind Christies is were most of this chav estate hang about and smoke their dope. Through the daytime & of a night you get your girls that look like slags and were belly tops in winter etc,they just walk about the streets all night, they look like little tarts and all girly but when they open there mouths it’s just like talking to a lad!

Moving down is greenacers, that’s were all the drugs are and get sold & used etc ,near enough every house you’d walk by there would probably be a drug dealer living in it, greenacers is a scummy little place full of scummy little people and smack heads all of the worst trouble causing chavs live here and guaranteed every few days a carry on would happen. The people in greenacers don’t like people that what you call ‘grass’ if your known as a grass then you really just need to move away because your life to them would be nothing, the place is like a zoo! There are parents walking about with kids in prams at 11/12pm going for their nightly hit at the closest dealers house.

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