Living in Kendal, Cumbria
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Looking for a place that’s got drugs and drunks out in the street at 2 am on Saturday morning? Then this s**t town is the place. It’s also got similarities to Lancaster in Lancashire, but Cumbria didn’t have the funding to make an exact copy, so they made it smaller, added shitty knock offs of ryelands, like hallgarth, and made one shopping centre and plonked the bus station next to it.

It also has 2 shitty secondary schools: Kirkby Kendal a school that looks like a old pile of w@nk from the front, then there is Queen Catherine… that was [allegedly] dumb enough to waste its yearly budget on a 6ft fence which you can still [in my imagination only] get past. Both schools are [allegedly] known for the students to be druggies.

Kendal also has a college a complete knock off of LMC but still a buzz if you want to go find some people to smoke a 10 bag with, then it’s the perfect place to go. So if you’re looking for drugs, Drunks that are stupid, then Kendal is the place for you but for normal people it’s a pile of shite.

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