Barrow In Furness… Love it?

Now I’ve been in Barrow several times, it’s a place where the local youth don’t know what’s what and starts to pick fights just to occupy themselves, crazy ladies with three dogs start talking to you about their walnut cabinett and the police are just as fat and hairless like the police in switzerland that eat fondue on top of the mountains and cut salami with swiss army knifes.

Now don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed my stay in barrow but theres just too much hate in that city, do you feel me? You do.

I couldn’t stagger into tescos without some little fat ginger kid insulting me, now I’m grown up but beating ginger kids like fat pinatas waiting for the sweets to pop out is music to my ears (especially if their ginger)

How grim is your Postcode?

Well it’s not their fault their mums probably raised them in some run down house or not at all. In fact their mums are probably in Jeremy Kyles studio right now having some DNA test done just because they’ve ****** about every **** in bloody Barrow and don’t know who the father of their hideous kids are.i

But all in all I really liked Barrow and its a trip worth making, the seagulls, the dock museum, the pubs, the people etc.

I’d suggest you’d double check that rear-view mirror and head up there because you won’t find a place like it.