Millom Chavopolis

Please come to Millom Cumbria, insular and ****** like something out of the bayou in the Everglades Florida, that was in the film Deliverence with John Voight! The ***** mainly hang amout the Bridge Cafe.

After a pointless trip to nearby Barrow in furness to qualify for their Educational Maintainance Allowance at Furness College the ***** take drugs to justify their pointles existence.

The outside world does not exist to this inward looking and very small minded community pettiness rules. The Whitetrash work at the local Haverigg prison were nepotism rules! or you can take a risk and work at Sellafield renamed from Windscale supposedly to make it sound more attractive.

How grim is your Postcode?

Big money is payed to small minded people who think they are something, so they can live on so called decent estates. Vast armies of unemployed people either justify their existence by spending the day in “The Workies” a working mens club now a private club.

The Jobcentre plus is near useless with no vacancies whatsoever in Millom. You can have a job at the prison providing you have a member of your family already working there well at least I think it is nepotistic!

The ***** will have difficulty finding something to do in this ********!