Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

    Huddersfield: Entropy in action

  2. Living in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

    Rochdale: A complete abomination occupying the map of Greater Manchester

  3. Living in Shaw, Oldham

    Shaw, as annoying as an improperly wiped backside

  4. Living in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    Dewsbury- proof that evolution works both ways

  5. Living in Huddersfield

    Huddersfield, not such a ‘brilliant’ place to live!

  6. Living in Huddersfield

    Huddersfield, such a brilliant place to live!

  7. Living in Cleckhuddersfax

    Cleckhuddersfax, where to start…

  8. Living in Halifax, West Yorkshire

    Nothing in the world can prepare you for Halifax, West Yorkshire!