Living in Keighley, Bradford

Proud To Be From Keighley? Nah.

Walking through Keighley town centre once (Bare in mind, I'm quite young), a group of boys aged about 20 said disgusting things to me.

Living in Huddersfield

Huddersfield, not such a ‘brilliant’ place to live!

I've lived in Huddersfield for a long time. I grew up here, watching it disintegrate into nothing but a pile of sh*t.

The North

For those who criticise the North

Having read articles on Hull, Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds and Middlesbrough, I think that it's about time to redress the balance.

Living in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Bradford, the land of dreams, if you dream of takeaways & pound shops

It's like a zoo is this place, I mean in your town, people drive around in VWs or Vauxhalls, not around here pal, it strictly donkeys.

Living in Bradford

Bradford is the stinking arse crack of Europe

Bradford, in my opinion is the biggest shit stained town in Europe, never mind the UK.