Living in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Keighley: one of the most backward towns, I have ever encountered

A night out in Keighley is an experience especially as an outsider, they can almost smell you're different and don't belong.

The North

For those who criticise the North

Having read articles on Hull, Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds and Middlesbrough, I think that it's about time to redress the balance.

Living in Normanton

Normanton – The Real Place for “I live near Leeds”

You get the beautiful parts of Yorkshire in the Moors and Dales, with their lovely small communities. Normanton is completely the opposite.

Living in Huddersfield

Huddersfield, such a brilliant place to live!

Huddersfield, a rough, boring, chavvy, crap hole. All the following applies to West Yorkshire as a whole.

Living in Knottingley

Knottingley, eee by gum it’s rough

Knottingley, the average IQ is above 70 (unlike Selby) and they are much friendlier (unlike Selby).