Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Padiham, Lancashire

    Padiham: the skid mark of Lancashire

  2. Living in Blackpool, Lancashire

    Blackpool, a bog-log bobbing adventure by the sea

  3. Living in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

    Rochdale: A complete abomination occupying the map of Greater Manchester

  4. Living in Keighley, West Yorkshire

    Keighley: a portrait of a town at its very worst

  5. Living in Blackburn, Lancashire

    Blackburn – Dear oh dear me

  6. Living in Accrington, Lancashire

    Accrington: The Chernobyl of the North West

  7. Living in Rishton, Lancashire

    Rishton: The Absolute low of Great Britain

  8. Living in Keighley, Bradford

    Proud To Be From Keighley? Nah.

  9. Living in Burnley

    Bigoted, illiterate & unemployed? You’ve found your home in Burnley!

  10. Living in Burnley, Lancashire

    A good number of men living in Burnley have had it with their sister

  11. Socio-economic statistics for Burnley, Lancashire

    Socio-economic statistics for Burnley, Lancashire

  12. Living in Burnley, Lancashire

    Burnley, One time mill town, now premier league sh*thole