A list of **** that you will have seen growing up in Hull

Living in Hull, East Yorkshire

Hull… *sigh* I was born in Hull, and lived there for 19 years until I decided I didn’t want to live in such a draining place anymore.

This article is based on my overall reflection on what it was like to grow up in Hull, the list features some specifics, that some may argue could happen in other cities too… but they are in there all the same because this list shows a general theme of Hull, and the festering attitude of an accepted way to live..

This is the kind or **** I would face on a monthly basis growing up:

How grim is your Postcode?
  1. People ******** at the back of buses in transit because they could be ‘arsed’ to wait.
  2. Buses being forced out or service week on week due to kids in the middle of roundabouts throwing bricks at the windows, (points for windows smashed, win the game if they hit someone).
  3. lip gloss replaced with nail glue prank.
  4. On your way home from school to find that your hood is on fire because some little **** flicked a ‘ciggy’ in there.
  5. Potatoes with a side order of potatoes
  6. Parents bullying their children for the use of correct pronunciation.
  7. Invalid GCSE grade after finding out that the teacher wasn’t a real teacher (this actually happened to me)
  8. Parents teaching their 3 years olds all the swear words they can think of because ‘its real cute innit’
  9. Bully sets a girls pig-tales on fire, few minutes later panic’s and pats them out. No punishment. An award ceremony is held two days later. ‘He is a hero for putting out the flames’.
  10. Buying drinks just to crew a hold in the base and spray them at the ground.
  11. Missing a child’s award ceremony because a repeat of Midsummer Murders is on.

(This isn’t just the strange tales and unlikely stories of one unlucky girl, many Hull folk growing up in the 90’s and early 2000s especially will confirm these events)