Living in Keighley, Bradford

Proud To Be From Keighley? Nah.

Walking through Keighley town centre once (Bare in mind, I'm quite young), a group of boys aged about 20 said disgusting things to me.

Living in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Dewsbury- proof that evolution works both ways

After a mere 6 months of living in Dewsbury I still refrain from telling intrigued strangers where I live.

The North

For those who criticise the North

Having read articles on Hull, Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds and Middlesbrough, I think that it's about time to redress the balance.

Harehills, Leeds, one of the worst places to live in Britain

A walk around this fallen idyll reveals takeaways, bookmakers & horrible corner shops. Some so dirty, you need tetanus jab BEFORE going in.

Living in Leeds, Yorkshire

Leeds. My god, where to start?

During the day, Leeds is notable for having f**k all to do on a day out, except to stare at grey buildings and the herds of bellends.