Dearne Valley (Valley of Death!)

Allegedly cast out of Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham probably 200 years ago, I was told by a Minister, “non-conformists” were not allowed to take up residence any closer than 7 miles to any of these towns.

Goldthorpe, equidistant from these three towns, therefore looks very much like a “non-conformist settlement”, and is probably why the final heir to the Goldthorpe name sold up and left the area a long time ago – he buggered off to Huddersfield!

Quote from Wikipedia “The area is now commonly referred to as the Dearne Valley” or as decent folk know it, as hell!

So, populated by Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham throwbacks they interbred with locals, and then the ****** lovely travelling folk turned up to sink the coal mines – more interbreeding, and…

Skip to after the war. Goldthorpe post-war kids grew up, and in their teens and above witnessed the 1969 free love movement, which meant shagging as many teenage girls as possible (which continues to this day), and they produced the happy slapping generation (happy slapping means they’re happy to commit GBH on you), and then the pits shut and the happy slapping generation, and their dads, smashed up their own town (a bit like the Grimethorpe lot, and Thurnscoe’s Rema), and interbred and produced the worthless beings which populate the entire Dearne Valley today.

They shagged around so much that a new town: Manvers; had to be created, and now the entire Dearne Area is a complete ********, built on a former mining ********. And they have to keep building more an more houses for the morons. But recently property developers have started pulling out because they realise what a ******** it all is.

As they all move into Manvers they leave the squalor of Thurnscoe and Goldthorpe behind them with the stink of weed growing in lofts, and thieve off each other while the Police turn a blind eye – **** scared not to upset the violent thickness in case of a repeat of the street battles of over 30 years ago.

They built a new road to link to the M1 and hopefully one day they’ll all piss off down south and leave decent folk alone.

Decent hard working folk tried moving to the smaller surrounding hamlets, but the poxy happy ******** with their disrespectful ****** youth kids move in next door on their interest only mortgages. It’s inescapable ******* hell!

Hopefully one day IS will move in and sort it all out because the Police are *******!