Living in Felixstowe, Suffolk

Felixstowe in a nutshell after a 2 week break

Instructions for a successful visit to Felixstowe: Remove brain and have zero expectations.

Living in Felixstowe, Suffolk

Felixstowe: it is just like the film ‘Hot Fuzz’

Been living in Felixstowe 6 weeks now having moved up from Hertfordshire. What a strange place!

Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk

Lowestoft, the boil on the arse of Britain

Want to see how bad inbreeding can get? Then come to Lowestoft. It makes the characters in the film Deliverance look like members of Mensa.

Living in Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds, situated between two of the scummiest towns in Suffolk

As a 'Buryite' myself, living in the suburbs I have seen all manor of creatures walk through the historic streets of Bury St Edmunds.

Living in Haverhill

Haverhill, you would think it would be a nicer town

You would think Haverhill would be a nicer town considering its position not far from Saffron Walden and Cambridge.