Worst places to live in Suffolk

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  1. Living in Felixstowe, Suffolk

    Felixstowe in a nutshell after a 2 week break

  2. Living in Felixstowe, Suffolk

    Felixstowe: it is just like the film ‘Hot Fuzz’

  3. Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk

    Lowestoft, the boil on the **** of Britain

  4. Living in Bury St Edmunds

    Bury St Edmunds, situated between two of the worst towns in Suffolk

  5. Living in Haverhill

    Haverhill, you would think it would be a nicer town

  6. Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk

    Lowestoft, why did the Germans fail to level it?

  7. Living in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

    Bury St Edmunds, life in a cosy middle class bubble

  8. Living in Brandon, Suffolk

    Brandon – a few miles from an even worse Thetford

  9. Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk

    Lowestoft: the land of gormless men & severely pale and overweight single mothers

  10. Bury St Edmunds

    Bury St Edmunds

  11. Bury ST edmunds

    Bury ST edmunds

  12. Why no Newmarket ??

    Why no Newmarket ??