Living in Brandon, Suffolk
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Brandon – A small town a few miles from an even dirtier scumhole (Thetford). Nasty anti social cretins roam the streets by day, smoking their drugs and holing up in disused children’s homes jacking up and fulfilling their life long dreams of being nothing more than filthy addicts.

The town itself is extremely run down and covered in a vast amount of litter and always has a distinct smell of animal faeces throughout due to the farms that surround the town, although this obviously cannot be helped it doesn’t make the place any more enjoyable to be in. Walking along the streets of Brandon is quite unpleasant due to the constant backlogged congestion the roads have throughout the town. It is used as a rat run for drivers thus making the air in brandon considerably dirty and virtually unbreathable most of the time.

All in all if your thinking of taking a trip through the area you might want to rethink your route, Brandon is a disgusting little pit with nothing more than a desolate marketplace covered in broken bottles and carrier bags, many bordered up shops, a Tesco with unfriendly and downright rude staff and the hooligans that gather there at night trying to look intimidating to the rest of the locals, who have to put up with this poor little S**thole we call a town.

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