Lowestoft, why did the Germans fail to level it?

Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk

Why did the germans fail to level lowestoft? ******* hell they had TWO wars to achieve it and even a huge air force! I think their failure has allowed the locals flawed DNA to mutate further than anyone would believe.

The other day I saw a couple of *******, yes, with their baseball caps, allowing their similarly ****** staffy mongrel to run about in McDonald’s and attack the chairs. LOL to say there’s something very very wrong with Lowestoft people would be as much of an understatement as calling a hurricane a mild breeze.

Surely to god their inherent misery must at some point overwhelm them and prevent any further mutation? **** knows why but they must appear attractive to each other, which would account for them continuing to breed.

How grim is your Postcode?

I often wonder what insanity caused previous generations to continue to develop the place when the most sensible option would have been to abandon it entirely and **** off somewhere else, taking their sister-wife-daughter-mother (same thing) with them. There may have been a degree of belligerence inherent in their decision to continue, it’s possible they knew that they were making a huge mistake, but too bloody minded to stop and admit it