Why no Newmarket ??

East AngliaSuffolk
By day the respectable home of horse racing, by night the regional Mecca for any c**v and c******e who lives near a bus stop or can blag a ride of their mates.
And just look at the catchment area, Haverhill, Sudbury, Soham; the jewels in East Anglia’s c**v crown.
The Orange Tree/Deniro’s seems the primary collecting point, with a generous overspill into all the high street pubs. All the usual suspects in the usual array of fake s**t, Matal specials god awful chunky gold. The après-party happens in two stages, 11pm when the real losers have to go and get the last bus (terrifying for anyone else on the bus) and 2am when the rest pile out, shouting, fighting and destroying property.
It’s a town with no middle ground you’re either wealthy and rule the place by day or the s**m who terrorise it by night.

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