Bury ST edmunds

East AngliaSuffolk
A historic market town situated in suffolk and surrounded by rolling fields and picturesque villages,Bury does have the potential to be, or at least sound like a nice place. And as you enter the ****** suffolk metropolis for the first time you are none the wiser of the hidden crapfest that is this town. Firstly if you walk down the street your hat could be taken of and throw on the floor by the little buggers. They always go around fighting and getting scank ***** teenagers pregnant. As well as cheekily saying to busdrivers “yeah yeah yeah mate can i go to lane mate” It sick and disruptive and out of order. I have seen people stick up to them like the great jack taylor who was in the news for saving a womens life from the crazy *****. However people in bury all know of Merradize the big. He is one of the biggest ***** ever and goes around on friday hurting people it’s sick. If your going to bury just forget it. I advise you to rip it out of your maps and delete it from your gps.

Beware of them and always remember the hero Jack taylor and spit on Merradize the big.

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