Living in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
  Written by Anonymous. Pic Via

Bury St Edmunds is your idyllic, middle class, low crime rate, small minded, boring suffolk town. Otherwise known as the ‘Bury Bubble.’ It is known as this because it is a town so protected in its middle class bubble wrap, the people that live here grow to become clones of each other, having the same aspirations, hobbies and careers.

Chavs or ‘gary boys’ do exist but they are a minority compared to the amount of pretentious indie kids who all collectively wear the same clothes from topman and listen to the same mumford and sons songs and go to Latitude or Reading Festival without fail each year.

Bury people are proud of the town and snobbishly look down on other towns because of its ‘superior education, Abbey Gardens and Arc.’ Yet those same people still live in identical over priced houses on the Morton Hall estate, every 17 year old girl gets an identical mini before they even pass their driving test, and everybody still spends their weekends in Wetherspoons/ doodle bar before going for a ‘mental night’ in Flex.

What a wonderful life it must be to live in the bubble.

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