Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Anglia, Suffolk

If you want to see how bad inbreeding can get, then come here. It makes the characters in the film Deliverance look like members of Mensa.

Visit the industrial town centre and all you see are huge fat bitches pushing their buggies, chewing gum, and smoking a fag. Waddling about in lycra stretched to capacity and stinking of Vag and Go. The boyfriend of the day dragging behind, probably because of the webbed feet, baseball cap on backwards with the obligatory Pit Bull or Staffie. Both covered in tattoos and shouting into their new mobiles. If there was ever a case for culling, this is it.

The town itself is totally devoid of niceties, the town centre resembles a war zone, and stinks of sewerage. It is dirty, totally lacking in any coherent design and traffic wise is total gridlock. Residents wander into the road with total abandon, how any of them reach old age is beyond me. For this place, fine dining means a trip to McDonalds or KFC.

The shops are staffed by rude pondlife who either lie to avoid making any effort, or totally ignore you chatting on their mobile phones to the next shag of the evening, or where they are going to get their next piercing or tattoo.

Locals have no interest in learning or betterment, only seeking to breed. Trying to get any work done is impossible, they either don’t turn up, or don’t reply. All they are interested in is enough money for the next tattoo or mobile phone. Most have never been out of the town, which says it all. Any reference to the outside World is met with a blank stare – as are any words longer than 3 letters. Plankton have a higher IQ.

I just hope that the sea will invade this place and wash the whole lot back to where they came from.

  • Anglian

    I’m seeing more and more Middle Eastern people, Albanians and Africans there, so I’m sure Lowestoft will have all the charm of Tower Hamlets before long.

  • Chrissy Woodhouse

    read this with amuesment,as the person who wrote this has obviously never spent any time in lowestoft,it may not be all it could be,but there are far worse places to live,and the person writing the article is so confident in what they wrote they cannot give themselves a name other than anonymous! says it all really,and if the article was written with a humourous intent i am sorry but you failed dismally,and your attempts at being a critic are diabolical,lacking in imagination in every sense of the word.or have you just described a day in your life? probably…

  • anon

    hahahahahaha fantastically accurate

  • sandra mchugh

    If you don’t like Norfolk people F*ck Off no one asked you to come here to be rude & bad mannered. Probably some loud mouthed Londoner or Essex prat “Know What I mean” LOL

  • David pilmore

    Kind of agree to this, im from leicester and now live in shitty lowestoft. Before anyone says anything, i am trying to move back to leicester where manners and considerate behaviour actually exist. Not only that, i dont know how people passed their driving test here because hardly anyone can drive properly here.
    In short i hate this place full of its retarded stuck up inbred tramp infested place.

    • Frank

      Piss off back then!
      They can’t drive – what a laugh and you can!!!!’n

      • David pilmore

        you must be one of the inbreds then!

    • John

      I see what you mean man, I’m from Doncaster, been to Lowestoft and don’t get me wrong there is a few decent people around but everywhere you go these days you find chavy little boys / girls giving it the mouth. I live in Glasgow and work very hard and have done for 2 years and not a single problem here. Well respected.

    • Andrew

      David, if you seriously believe Leicester is better than Lowestoft may I respectfully suggest you are not well travelled. Leicester is the pits, it’s politically Labour controlled by oiks who think they are important and overrun by migrants – legal and illegal. It is a cess-pit of inhumanity.

  • BillyB

    Lowestoft’s problem is not the people that have grown up here its the people that have been given money and a house to live here from places like Basildon, London, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester.
    I’ve seen a big billboard on the motorway outside Leeds advertising for people to move to Lowestoft and that they will be given £5k plus £1k per person. They also advertised in job centres across the UK.
    That is why Lowestoft has turned into a dive. Big cities have had enough of them so they have moved the problem instead of dealing with it.
    I agree Lowestoft is now a shadow of its former self but please get the facts right and explain the reason why instead of blaming the locals.

  • bob

    No I think you’ll find your the boil on the arse of Britain you disgrace the human race going around slagging off towns villages and cites just because either you don’t like the place or you had a bad experience there, whatever happened to treating people with respect that’s what we want our kids to learn to respect others and there opinions no skin colour or religion which I can respect your opinion of Lowestoft but I can’t sit here reading this and let you slag it off though, and if the town is that bad why not get this article to the government maybe they might get off the high born arses and help the town back to its original roots in stead of running it even more into the ground with paedophiles and asylum seekers and who ever else comes out of prison this used to be such a lovely town and now the government have ruined it and your bitching about it to everyone in stead of trying to help the situation

  • Frank Gray

    Whoever wrote this vile post needs to be put in Prison, what an absolutely disgusting piece of sh*t they must be. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  • Job_Lot_of_no_Fncks_given

    Oh thats a bit tough. I grew up in Lowestoft and even though looking at
    the photos there has been sod all investment the same can be said of any
    town in England. Its just a typical no trade no point area much like
    any other British sh!tehole. Being in the EU really helped everybody

  • Job_Lot_of_no_Fncks_given

    Oh thats a bit tough. I grew up in Lowestoft and even though looking at the photos there has been sod all investment the same can be said of any town in England. Its just a typical no trade no point area much like any other British sh!tehole. Being in the EU really helped everybody NOT.

  • CountryRowe

    I could not have worded it any better, when I do visit, I keep myself to myself or this may show that NEW Breeding blood is in town, I have seen how easy these inhabitants search out new breeding stock, just to produce an Ace in the whole (excuse the expression). Advice when visiting Lowestoft, do not look pond life in the eye when shopping, talk just enough to get directions out of the town, and once clear of the local round routes make for the A12 and keep going in any direction North, South, or West. Safest way to survive until your next Birthday.

  • Neil Charles Barber

    Well, For the moron who wishes to remain anonymous, this is for you.. There is no inbreeding, and for your information, almost every character in Deliverance was quite intelligent. There are many less fat bitches & tattooed thugs with pitbulls” walking the streets than you claim. The town centre is commercial not industrial, and if it resembles a war zone, then it must have been one of the most polite wars in history. Where’s the dirt? Your own pic at the top of this piece shows a distinct lack of that! As for design: It is one of Britain’s oldest towns. It began as a very small fishing village and over the centuries, slowly grew and absorbed other nearby villages to it’s present size. It was never “designed” as you put it. Fine dining if you must know, means a trip to the Hotel Hatfield or the Wherry Hotel, or there are several wonderful restaurants a short drive away. There is also a large variety of foreign quisine establishments in town too. If you must know, almost every store in town has a strict no mobile policy, so if you were served by one of those “booking their next shag” why did you not complain to the manager? As for intelligence, you may have noticed by now, that my command of the English language is quite a way above the average you think is the norm. I haven’t myself. but I have many friends and family with university degrees, and very few of us have spent much time procreating. Most of my friends and myself have in fact left the confines of our metropolis on more than one occasion, and our stares are never blank. ( perhaps you mistook our looks of disbelief at your bigoted short-sighted misconceptions of us

    as blank ) We were probably just thinking ” what the hell are you talking about you bloody fool?” You may have noticed that many of the words I have used are in fact longer than three letters. ( If you google some of the longer ones, it will tell you their meaning ) I do believe that makes that said plankton very clever indeed. As for the sea washing us back to where we came, well, over the eons, our little backwater has been a very important landing point for many invading armies, so our ( for want of a better phrase ), breeding stock does in fact have a very mixed heritage. there are a large number of friendly settlers from all over Britain and the rest of the world, so the sea will have to do a hell of a lot of washing to get all those back to their respective parts of almost the entire world.. So mr. Anonymous, next time you want to visit our little town, piss off elsewhere, we don’t like grumpy arseholes like you here! ( maybe that was the problem? people didn’t like your crap attitude). In closing, “you arre the weakest link GOODBYE!!

  • Claire

    I’d love to know what you based this on and what the heck gives you the right to judge in such a blanket term! We moved here a few years ago and it’s beautiful place to live, I’d love to know where you live because unless it’s in perfectionvill you’ve there’s no place for your judgmental , ignorance