Bury St Edmunds

East AngliaSuffolk

Bury St Edmunds; in many ways is a very unique town. There are many good things to this town from the historic past and the low crime rate. However in Bury i feel there is a very high amount of “chavs”. Im a 15 year old male who lives in Bury and i do not want to be labelled as a chav. The main sign of chavness is the shockingly high amount of anti-socialĀ behavior, for example when i leave school i observe the high amount of smokers as young as Year nine smokingĀ cigarettes and the elders even potentially smoking drugs. The older chavs tend to drive around Bury aggresively on mopeds being idiots, the place i often see them is on the Moreton Hall estate around a vandalised shelter. Moreton Hall is supposed to be a affluent nice estate which it is, However it is spoilt by idiotic chavs. Moreton Hall is completely opposite to the other side of town (Howard Estate) where there are disgusting houses and a reputation for drugs and anti socialĀ behavior. A true example of class differences. The conclusion, Bury is a wonderful town but like many other towns and cities there are chavs but Bury’s unique features like the Abbey Gardens and the historic streets this town is a relatively low chavtown. Just a word of advice; stay out of the Howard Estate!

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