Gillingham – Run down to the point of being derelict

I moved here from the south west for uni and unfortunately didn’t look around properly before I decided to come. Gillingham is a cesspit of a town, the crime rate is through the roof, it’s full of people on drugs and the kind of people that don’t believe In picking up after their dogs, resulting in pavements full of dog ****.

Everything is run down to the point of being derelict, the vast majority of the takeaways should [allegedly] come with a food poisoning guidance leaflet and there is next to no character or charm about the area whatsoever. If you decide to go for a countryside walk towards Rainham, even there the trails are filled with discarded rubbish from residents that gave up caring about the area long ago.

If you are lucky enough to be granted a parking permit for your road it is next to useless as they are massively oversold resulting in you being confined to your house after 5pm as there will be nowhere to park when you return. Medway council are [allegedly] all but useless with the exception of one department in which they excel; Handing out parking tickets.

How grim is your Postcode?

No one says hello, no one gives two ***** about anyone else and everyone is very high, very rude and very entitled. The place is an absolute sh#thole and the only way to improve it would be to bulldoze the entire thing and start again. Needless to say as soon as my course is over I will never return.