Dover Lifestyle

Open Drug dealing is normally excepted in Dover. Crack and smack are easier to find than a good restaurant. Even the former mayor was filmed enjoying toilet substances. The local authority is [certainly not] considered the most corrupt by other local councils.

My son was mugged in a park on camera nothing happened. Girlfriend beaten up by the local [ironic person we can’t identify] for no reason except being asked to leave a party she was gate crashing. Liverpool and Newcastle criminal families live seemingly [but not really] protected by police, with shootings, machete attacks and kidnappings.

Any nice places to walk or enjoy as we have in the past, are being [allegedly] taken away by English heritage. £7 to look out to see from an over priced cafe. Public toilets are ok if you wish to be approached, George Michael would have been happy. Police do nothing [everything] to investigate burglaries, house fire attacks, violence and vehicle crimes. All in my road this year,

Maybe police are too busy playing social carers to the ch*vs? Ct17 gang are children the mothers are crying out at. Their feral offspring are out mugging and even raping (which [allegedly] gets no further action taken). Mention that you hunt for the little f***kers, and you are in a police station within hours, mothers on Facebook claiming their little brats are being victimised. [iLiveHere does NOT condone vigilantism]

Moving to the local countryside… six police cars came to a burglary next door to a relative, but in Dover not one. The feral families are [in my imagination] in police protection. The Down From London (DFL) crowd are just as bad with solicitors letters about noisy sheep, chicken and cows. A fox being shot, got a police officer called out and now they’re making local history up to suit their ideas.

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