Sittingbourne, oh the joy

Living in Sittingbourne, Kent

If you are considering moving to Sittingbourne, take my friendly and concise advice, and avoid it like the plague which manifests itself here.
The place is a real sh*thole now. Disrespectful cheeky kids that are dragged up by **** parents. I work in the retail park, and the amount of litter that the sh*ttingbourne sh*te leave behind is unbelievable.

KFC and McDonalds (of which there are no less than 3 branches) have a lot to answer for, for turning our once lovely town into a living nightmare, due to their drive thru junk food outlets in the retail park and Bobbing. People just discard litter out of their car windows without a care in the world.

Then there is the nightly boy racer problem, driving around at speed, loud revving engines, causing them to backfire deliberately. No place to bring up decent children, as it is so dangerous.

How grim is your Postcode?

We also have a problem with foul mouthed little brats on bicycles, popping wheelies along the road and pavements in the retail park. No lights on their bikes at night, making it almost impossible for drivers to see them when they are darting in and out of traffic. The local council and police just seem powerless, or inept at tackling this increasing problem. Steer well clear of this white van haven. There are much nicer places (30 miles away or so should be far enough).

It’s not unheard of to have somebody else’s rubbish fly tipped onto your drive, such is the community spirit, and caring sharing nature of Sh*ttingbourne’s Neanderthal itinerant flat bed tipper driving residents, bless ’em.