Worst places to live in Kent

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  1. 5 towns in the South East worse than Hastings

    5 towns in the South East that are worse than Hastings

  2. Living in Ashford, Kent

    Ashford, I grew up here and I am mentally scarred

  3. Living in Faversham, Kent

    I’ve always lived in Faversham and I can say it is a sh*t hole

  4. Living in Chatham, Kent

    Chatham, Kent, aka Chavham

  5. Living in Ramsgate, Kent

    Ramsgate – the town of no hope

  6. Living in Maidstone, Kent

    Maidstone, c**v in its purest form

  7. Living in Whitstable, Kent

    Whitstable aka Sh*tstable

  8. Whitstable, Kent

    Whitstable, Kent

  9. Wye, Ashford C**v village

    Wye, Ashford C**v village

  10. Margate – A true horror

  11. Chatham, Kent

    Chatham, Kent

  12. Sturry and Hersden (Canterbury, Kent)

    Sturry and Hersden (Canterbury, Kent)