Worst places to live in Kent

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  1. Living in Faversham, Kent

    Faversham, Kent, avoid this dump like the plague

  2. Living in Rochester, Kent

    Rochester should forget Dickens. He’s dead & the town should try a new trick

  3. Living in Hoo, Kent

    Hoo, if you smoke weed then there’s one dealer for every 3 people

  4. Living in Chatham, Kent

    Chatham, dirty scumbags can offen be seen pissing in the street

  5. Living in Margate, Kent

    Margate: A Dystopia of Epic Proportions

  6. Dover Councillors’ not so White Cliffs

    Dover Councillors’ not so White Cliffs

  7. Living in New Ash Green, Kent

    Thinking about moving to New Ash Green – DON’T!!

  8. Living in Whitstable, Kent

    Kent as a whole is f**king crap, Whitstable is merely crap

  9. 5 towns in the South East worse than Hastings

    5 towns in the South East that are worse than Hastings

  10. Living in Ashford, Kent

    Ashford, I grew up here and I am mentally scarred

  11. Living in Faversham, Kent

    I’ve always lived in Faversham and I can say it is a sh*t hole

  12. Chatham, Kent. Aka Chavham

    Chatham, Kent. Aka Chavham