Why not to live in Ramsgate

Living in Ramsgate, Kent

Ramsgate – a town that has so much to make it a great place to live. Beautiful beaches, pretty harbour, nice architecture. It also has a dirty town centre frequented by drunks at all times of day, lots of mobility scooters driven by lardy lumps sometimes driving one handed, holding a *** or a can […]

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A weary resident’s guide to Planet Thanet

Living in Thanet

We had been living in Thanet for nearly 5 years now, cannot wait to move away. If you can imagine a place that is the dumping ground for all that is wrong in society, Thanet is it. The locals take stupidity to a new level, just driving around you have to dodge motorists who drive […]

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Margate – A true horror

This is a true story. In the summer of 2017 me and a mate came up with the seemingly brilliant idea of going to Margate for the night. We both had fond memories of visiting margate from our childhood. The funfairs, the beach, the bumper cars, it seemed to make sense. However as we are […]

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