Carnoustie: they come with their 70cl of Glens & wee baggie of pills

Carnoustie, upon first glance Carnoustie may seem like a nice little town to come and settle down in, with a smashing world acclaimed golf course and a nice beach. However, wait until 6PM. For then the hooligans to come out of their council houses with their 70cl of Glens and their wee baggie of pills.

Take a stroll down the foul smelling high street of Carnoustie and you will encounter large groups of children sitting outside the big spar on 3 pills hugging their best friend saying “I love you bro”. You will encounter several rough characters on a trip to Carnoustie, people down by the beach playing the infamous “gulp gulp spin spin” a drinking game that involves taking a drink of whatever alcoholic beverage the average 14 year old can get their hands on, then spinning around in circles till they fall to the ground and start crying.

Take a gander down to the famous attraction for junkies and rough people, the Carnoustie House Grounds. You will see several teenagers cutting about with Pyjamas on drinking straight vodka. Someone will be keeled over on a bench spewing their guts up, someone will be on the swings with their jaw at a 75 degree angle, you may even hear a rare shout “Anyone wanting lines???”

Take a stroll to any shop in Carnoustie and you will be greeted by several 13 year olds asking you to jump in the shop to get them a packet of kingsize carlton reds & new lighter because their mum stole theirs from them.

Walk a bit further down the high street and you will see Carnoustie’s cuisine, Euphrates Kebab Shop, where teenagers won’t leave the shop because it’s too cold outside.

Walk down to the largest Co-Op and you will start to see various teenagers being shouted at by employees for running into the shop and tanning as much vodka as possible.

Walk down to the Carnoustie Skate Park and you will find several people riding scooters and bikes, as you go past you will probably be told you’re gay and they were with your mother the previous night.

All in all, Carnoustie is only for the absolute worst of people, trying to get away from the drugs, drink & foul mouthed teenagers and adults in the rest of Scotland? Carnoustie is no different.

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