Blindwells, East Lothian – you need to be blind to move here!

Living in Blindwells, East Lothian, Scotland

Blindwells is a new town currently under construction in East Lothian, Scotland. The first homes are due to open later this year, a total of 3000 homes are being built. The name blindwells comes from the term ‘well son, you need to be blind to move here!’.

The land was used by nature, swans, birds and wildlife, but East Lothian Council decided to destroy ‘repurpose’ the land and replace it with cement. Because green pastures are so last century! The town will be less than a stone’s throw from the busy A1, nothing beats waking up to the fresh smell of fumes from cars. If the wonderful smell of petrol doesn’t appeal, then you may as well be totally blind to live in Blindwells, because the roads are not being upgraded to accommodate the hundreds (if not thousands) of cars due to use the development. Good luck getting in or out on the tiny roads and roundabouts! The roads are already heavily congested and such joy awaits 3000 new residents once they hit the roads.

To make it even more appealing, Blindwells it’s less than a minutes drive from Port Seton, possibly the worst place to live in Scotland if you dislike burglaries, crime, benefits claimants, power sub stations, rocket testing sites, dog poo and trash. The McDonalds wrappers you see laying about on the side of the roads around the development are a testament to locals who spend their day driving to McDonald’s, eating trash then throwing it down to destroy nature.

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