Cockenzie and Port Seton, horrible people

Living in Cockenzie and Port Seton, Scotland

Cockenzie and Port Seton is a town in East Lothian, Scotland. The residents enjoy throwing trash on the ground, usually McDonalds or chocolate bar wrappers. Walk around one of the parks, and you will witness school kids throwing trash into the bushes. They can do no wrong in their parents eyes, they’re little Angels. In reality everybody who lives here [allegedly] leaves filth wherever they go. They contribute nothing to society and most of the residents are on benefits, and boast about expensive holidays.

They let their dogs sh*t everywhere, then continuously moan about it on Facebook. Well guess what? How about you respect your community, but that would be impossible. The pavements are lined with dog sh*t, you need a torch to walk out at night.

The children are brought up to have no respect for anyone and anything. They don’t talk, they scream and shout and are very aggressive, unfriendly people. Every year the town hosts a [ removed because of butthurt, yeah, we are not deleting the article, nice try though! ].

How grim is your Postcode?

Cockenzie and Port Seton is the speed bump capital of the world, the roads are basically speed bumps because the residents are reckless drivers. They couldn’t care less who they hit or **** in cars, so East Lothian council keeps adding speed bumps to try and deter speeding. It doesn’t work, flowers line many roads where people die in hit and runs. The residents enjoy moaning on Facebook about everybody but people who speed, because the residents love speeding and destroying lives. They claim to support Scotland and an independent Scotland, well they certainly want to **** Scots and destroy Scotland!

This should be rated the worst place to live in Scotland. They recently announced a power substation being built next door in Prestonpans, could it get any worse? They were going to build a cruise shop terminal which would bring in jobs and prosperity, money from tourism, but the local population complained. Who needs employment and job opportunities, when you can just claim benefits and get expensive cars and holidays?

Half the residents leave their doors unlocked at night, then moan on Facebook if they get burgled. They then refuse to tell police, and try to hunt the burglars down on Facebook. Because nothing beats social media for justice, right? The government should just build one big nuclear sub station on the entire town, I’m sure it would be prettier than what it is now. Avoid at all cost!