Tullibody, The Armpit of Scotland

Living in Tullibody, Alloa, Scotland

Tullibody, also known as Tullibuggin’ by the locals. Tullibody is an apparent quaint little toon in the Heart of Clackmannanshire, but we all know this is just a smoke screen. Tullibody is filled to the brim with Junkies, Ned’s and 10 – 12-year-olds who have already been to Young Offenders twice.

You have braes, now the bottom of the Braes is actually alright, fewer Junkies asking 1 pound so they can pay their dealer, but with every step you take while walking the up braes, you can feel the vileness of the area. Then you have Westview Crescent and Fir Road, yeah that area. It’s more of a quaint little area for pensioners, it’s a lot quieter than the Braes. If I had to choose an area to live in within Tullibody, I’d pick Westview Crescent, Northwood, Fir Road and Delphview Crescent.

Then you have the infamous Tron Court. Personally, I can’t **** this place, Tron is the heart of Tullibody. From the shops to the local bar, this is probably one of the areas you’d want to go to if you ever visit Tullibody. Then you have Delph Pond, The dog walkers paradise. You’ll see some **** down here, but it depends on the time of day.

How grim is your Postcode?

Ladywell Drive and St Serfs is an alright area, again it does depend on the time of day. Finally i’m going to end my tour in the War Memorial. This site has seen more **** within its grounds, than people throwing up on rollercoasters. It’s a nice quiet area (from 9 – 3) But after 3 O’clock it is fairly noisy, all those tall trees clearly ain’t noise resistant. If I had to vote from 0 – 10. I’d say it’s a hard 6/10, So if you don’t like **** or Junkies drive straight through Tullibody.