Inchinnan: Full of men gossiping like sweetie wives

One of the worst villages ever is Inchinnan village. Oh my god, what a place. I have never been in a area with so many chronic alcoholics in my life.

The nastiness of them is something else. Anybody who does good in life, albeit financially, happiness, successful etc, the village clique will gang up and try to destroy the person’s reputation. I witnessed it so many times when I lived there. It’s absolutely horrible.

Full of men gossiping like sweetie wives about everyone behind their backs. The best thing about the gossips is that their own lives are a car crash. There is also a very high degree is ********** in the area. Most people are related in the place. There is a lot of people stayed single in the place because they couldn’t marry someone from Inchinnan. Absolutely crazy people.

How grim is your Postcode?

They all go on holiday with each other, scared to meet any new people from other places.

They talk about Inchinnan morning, noon and night. That’s all they talk about Inchinnan!!! There’s nothing to talk about, it’s a little village with 2 shops and 3 pubs. There’s nothing in it apart from total boredom. It’s a nice enough little villages but this core element of locals make it a nasty, cringe worthy place to be.

Nobody can think for themselves. The place heralds a pack mentality. If someone doesn’t like you then they will do their best to get everyone on your back. It’s very sad indeed.

The pubs hold a very toxic atmosphere for anyone who is not from around the village. Once you get to know the locals, you slowly start to realise it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing type of place. Some nice houses but just do not frequent with the alcoholic local drinking groups. They will bring you down to their toxic level and you certainly DO NOT want to be there. Avoid this village at all costs.