Elgin – Embrace the Void

A quick Google search to Wikipedia will tell you that “Elgin (/ˈɛlɡɪn/; Scottish Gaelic: Eilginn, Scots: Ailgin) is a town (former cathedral city) and Royal Burgh in Moray, Scotland. It is the administrative and commercial centre for Moray”. It will not tell you of the unimaginable bleakness that absorbs the so-called city – designated thus as it possesses a ruined cathedral – or of the Eldritch troglodytes that reside there.

During the beginning of a six-month sojourn in the town, I lost my bearings in the city centre. Despite having a full address and postcode to hand, every single person from whom I inquired directions didn’t seem to be able to understand me. Until realised that they did, and perfectly; I was just English, and therefore not deserving of finding a way home.

After four hours traipsing around the armpit of the Highlands, I found my way back to my accommodation. My host family thought the whole escapade was hilarious and I thought they were sadists. If you ever, for any reason, enter Elgin, my best advice is to keep going until you reach Aberlour – where you can at least get decent whisky.

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