Wishaw, A psycho’s paradise with f*ck all to do

Living in Wishaw, Scotland

Where to even start with this place. Wishaw is a relatively small town in North Lanarksire famed for well… nothing. There is nothing to do in this place, the most exciting part of a day out here is the possibility of witnessing a fight or someone getting abused in some way or another.

The towns main attraction is probably the Tesco, if that doesn’t say enough, I’m not sure what will. Oh and if you thought you would have a pleasant time shopping there think again. The vast majority of the people that populate this place are rude, annoying, stupid, idiotic, and pretty much any other negative word you can think of to describe someone. For example, bumping into someone on the main street you may expect to be resolved by a simple “sorry” in most places, but in Wishaw there is not much doubt that the common “square go” will be initiated. The participants will proceed to “kick f*ck out of each other” probably in a drunken stupor.

I reckon that the only reason people still stick around here as they are drunk or high so often that they can’t tell the difference from when the are sober or not, and think that this town is actually a good place to live. It’s not like the place is appealing to the eye either. It’s almost like its a legal requirement for every street to have at least one empty or smashed bottle of Buckfast on it. Despite this, the council desperately try to spruce the place up a bit, unfortunately this usually caused roadworks and blockages, thus making the traffic heavier and angering the already constantly angry people even more.

How grim is your Postcode?

Fancy a nice stroll? Too bad. The only main park, Belhaven, is constantly populated with teens who drink alcohol like it’s water and think that they are Muhammad Ali, fending off anyone who dares to look at them. Alternatively you could go for a walk around “The Perchy”, the nature reserve, if you can call it that. There is a pond which all the fish had to be removed from as it was to dirty and filled with debris, and several patches of burnt grass that are there for no real reason.

So long story short, don’t move here, don’t even come here. Stay as far the f*ck away from here as you can get.