Dudley: The Epitome of Redneck!

Living in Dudley, West Midlands

Dudley really is the epitome of “Redneck”. With cutbacks hitting hard and outdated social climates, the town is a recipe for total disaster. What once was a booming market town, is now a high street of abandoned shops with an ever growing air of racial tension.

The racial divide

Dudley is divided into so called “Muslim” areas (past the Burnt Tree Island) and “white” areas. To the locals you’re either a Muslim (which to them is a “bad” thing) or a Christian, and there’s no in between! The EDL and Britain First would frequent Dudley often, causing the Muslim community to form their own groups in defence.

The Nice Bits

Dudley, much like anywhere else, has its good areas. Kingswinford and Merry Hill are particularly nice. However, go anywhere near the Wrens Nest or the Priory and you’ll soon see a different picture!

How grim is your Postcode?

The Priory

The Priory in particular has a reputation for being, close knit, let’s say. Everyone knows each other, very well… In fact, if you aren’t part of the family clan you’re seen as an “outsider,” and targeted almost instantly. I witnessed a case where litter was thrown onto someone’s garden, and cellotape repeatedly placed across their door. As soon as the neighbours discovered they weren’t related to anyone, they were sitting ducks.

Everyone is related

Quite a few surnames in Dudley are particularly common. I can’t state them here for legal reasons, but it’s almost as bad as Utah! People were marrying their relatives (either blood related or connected through marriage), without realising. Whatever the case, they didn’t seem to care!

The Scenery

The only real benefit to Dudley is the scenery. Without the castle, Zoo or Museum the town would be done for. The accent is very broad, and often difficult to understand. It’s far worse than Birmingham!

Final Thoughts

Don’t move to Dudley if you’re a minority (or have beliefs that are different to Christianity). If you have a mixed race family or are anything other than straight you should probably avoid it too. Everyone seems to be related and if you don’t agree with their narrow minded views, you’re ridiculed. They have a funny way of making you feel like the oddball, while calling people from other towns “in breeds.”