Keresley – What went wrong?

Living in Keresley

Keresely, where do I start? Ah yes, why don’t we start off at the fact that Keresley village is a modern day death camp to the even the most resilient of people. All the people that don’t live on the benefits of hard working people, like the Bedworth population, sponge of their kids and rely on them to bring in the income to waste it on weed or any other drug that kills them faster then the morons that drive about like boy racers or ride on their little bikes thinking they’re “phat”. To the working people of Keresley (an enigma what they’d do for a job) they live in constant fear of being stabbed, shot or robbed while they sleep as the village co-ordinates like a flock of birds that are waiting for a honest hard working person to drop some crumbs off their Greggs sausage roll, but in Keresley’s case; waiting for the working man to become weak – taking his money and spending it on weed. You’d be lucky if they didn’t slit your throat while you sleep!

The lack of shops is daunting. When you do find a shop it’s few and far between but what is certain is that you will find a young gang of reprobates waiting for the shop owner to deal the dope. Can all of the Keresley population be this cunning and Machiavellian? Well, then you get onto the new estate: the Meadows. When living here you are seen as aristocracy regardless of the fact they are normal, average houses. They’re some decent people living there but then you get the snobby people. They think they are safe from the threats of outside (the village) they are wrong. Think of it like the French Revolution. They’re ****** and will eventually be submerged in drugs, crime and burned out cars.

The crime here is frightening, living here is a punishment. I’d rather live on the streets as you’d be considered normal considering the amount of homeless people here. Every turn you make there is a burned car, I’m not joking. The place is treated like an ISIS training zone. Even that’s a compliment! The top dogs of the village call themselves the “Keresley Massive” like really? What is that supposed to mean? Massive *** heads that’s what!!

How grim is your Postcode?

I’d stay far away unless you’d like to be treated like a **** prisoner in 1942. This place needs to catch up with Bedworth and fast if it wants to get a good reputation but with the state at the minute, I’d say the devil himself would be disgusted by the impoverished condition of Keresley!