Birmingham aka prozzie central

Living in Brimingham, West Midlands

No wonder why people dislike Birmingham because it’s true, it’s a NIGHTMARE living in this place. Let me start of by saying that if you have ever been to Birmingham, I feel sorry for you because you would have to get off Birmingham new street and have to witness a weird smell coming out of the station. If you never been to the bullring, you will meet some dodgy looking people there.

The Schools

The schools in birmingham are a living hell. there are countless of grooming gangs lurking around at schools preying on vulnerable women who are 13-17 year olds. And don’t bother reporting it to the school because they won’t do jacks**t.

The Metro

The metro itself is mostly crammed with people from Wolverhampton, who are ch**s. Oh also don’t go to areas like Sparkhill or Bordsley Green unless you want to get threatened by machete wielding idiots. You have been warned.

How grim is your Postcode?


Oh Handsworth don’t get me started on Handsworth. Whenever I walk on the streets it is mostly covered with pros****tes asking people if they want [an act we can’t mention] for a pound. The streets are covered with litter. Soho Road in Handsworth is a living nightmare, you will see peedos lurking.


Nechells is another area which is mostly famous because of star city but in reality other than that don’t even step into nechells if you want to get shanked in the chest. Star city should mind as well be renamed as stab city since it’s a hotspot for roadmen to terrorise other people and a place to wield machetes all over the place.

The People

Oh and let’s not forget that the people themselves look like they have not had a shower for years. Oh and also the busses in Birmingham are mostly covered with youths who like to blast loud music and trash the whole upper deck of the bus.

Oh and I should mention Aston, erdington, alum rock and lozells. So for the people who think of moving to the West Midlands DON’T MOVE TO BIRMINGHAM and just move to Coventry or Solihull if you don’t want to see any c**vs. And one more thing Birmingham should not be the second city and it should be renamed as pro****ute central.