Worst places to live in

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  1. Living in Brimingham, West Midlands

    Birmingham aka prozzie central

  2. Living in Moseley, Birmingham

    Moseley, Birmingham has become a nouveau riche *****’s paradise

  3. Wyrley Birch Estate, Erdington, Birmingham Property Guide

    Wyrley Birch Estate, Erdington, Birmingham, never leave any valuables on sight

  4. Living in Perry Barr, Birmingham

    Perry Barr, Birmingham, consists of Asian *****, fat **** girls in tracksuits & muggers

  5. Living in Northfield, Birmingham

    Northfield, Birmingham, the worst place anybody could wish to live

  6. Living in Weoley Castle, Birmingham

    Weoley Castle, Birmingham: it’s rough, Weoley, Weoley rough