Walsall: the garbage town of England

Living in Walsall, West Midlands

Have you ever seen a place that literally has countless ne’er-do-wells? Yep that’s Walsall alright. When you step into Walsall you will see bus drivers smoking 10 cigs a day. The women there look really ugly because they smoke loads of cigs. They plaster on make up and then ending up getting pregnant. Yes 13 year olds do this too, so don’t be surprised if you see this in Walsall.

Ever since I moved there from London (which I never wanted to do), I cannot wait to move back, after I have finished my GCSE’s. Places like Bloxwich (full of racism), Brownhills (the shi**ole of West Midlands) and Darlaston (the place that smells like rotten eggs and full of ne’er-do-well families) give me the fear.

There are no plus sides to Walsall. Even Dudley is doing 100,000 times better. The children would go to school to terrorise other people. People who live near George Rose [Park] would go there to sell drugs and alcohol, not take a brisk walk.

How grim is your Postcode?

The schools are by far the worst in West Midlands. I go to one of them and fights happen every single week. There are some year sevens who try to act all hard and then get putt in a spliff[?!? -Ed] by others. The year eights try to start scraps every week and other years are by far the worst. I have even seen some pedos around Darlaston. One of them asked for a 14 year olds number.

Never go to Walsall, it’s best to go to Wolverhampton and that is saying something.