Living in Darlaston, Walsall
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in West Midlands

I have lived in Darlaston since the day I was born and over the past few years, things have started to take a dramatic change in the society. It used to start off with the occasional family moving onto the street with wild children who would run around the streets, screaming at ridiculous hours of the night and making their ways into your back garden. Perhaps a bit of theft once in a while, but then more and more have moved in and now the entire town is overrun with rough families who literally throw their children out onto the street to terrorise everybody else.

Old people are verbally abused (I’ve seen it), racism is at a dramatic all time high, teen pregnancy is everywhere you turn and hooded idiots are walking around in large groups, sitting on peoples front walls smoking, throwing bottles of alcohol around, attacking random people for their phone and kicking off if somebody won’t go into the shops to buy them a packet of cigarettes.

Threats are being made in the local comprehensive schools, fights are taking place all over the place and children are constantly being bullied to the point where they actually commit suicide. Somebody was even stabbed here before, just for their phone, and unfortunately that kid died too.

The place is an absolute mess and needs to be sorted out. You can’t even go to the park during school holidays anymore without seeing kids smoking, doing drugs and drinking booze whilst verbally attacking you just for getting close.

  • Weaverre

    I’m not sure which Darlaston you are referring to or actually live in, I have lived here for nearly 41 years and my wife was born here too.
    Do not get me wrong like any town in the UK, Darlaston has had it’s share of problems, especially with poverty and the big factories closing down in the 80’s etc.
    But to say it’s as bad as you’re implying well it is very misleading.
    I’v found the people of Darlaston to be very down to earth, friendly and would give the shirt off their back if you genuinely needed it, they tend not to suffer fools gladly or just treat them as the fools they are, they are good people.
    The racism you refer too is no way near as bad as you claim as is the hooligan problem, as i have said there are a few and i mean a few bad eggs but in the park i have seen these kids you refer to smoking and ”drinking” when i took my own kids there and found them to be a little rough around the edges but pretty decent kids all round and not in the least bit threatening.
    For the most part i have found that Darlaston and it’s people, from all families both new and old are actually quiet decent and as with any area in any town and in any country there are admittedly those few who just behave worse than animals but they are the minority so when you talk about your town try not to tar us all with the same brush please not all is as bad as it may seem 🙂

  • jonny

    LOL, What exactly do the west midlands pigs do except walk around with there rifles allowing trade in marihuana seeds, gangs violence and knife crimes