Coventry is a miserable place that drains you of life

Coventry, West Midlands, Property Guide
Coventry, West Midlands, Property Guide

Coventry is a miserable place that drains you of life the moment you begin to transcend within it. Something very dark hangs over this city that invades your very being, especially if you are not aware with yourself and cannot handle the bleakness. The biggest ********, made a ******** by the ****** council and tribal zones that only care for ‘their own’, while everyone else in the margins are destined to escape in order to survive. The city is propped-up on the life blood of the council, who propose brand new white elephants to waste tax money, out of boredom and for their own financial gain, which most people do not want or need.

It’s wise advice to stay away from the place, if you are a mover or a lone traveller stay away, there is nothing to be had there, there are hardly any jobs, next to no opportunities, practically no nightlife which hardly anyone goes basically because this city’s glorious folk have worked together with philistines, to remove all nightlife from the city, and if you are thinking of employment here forget it, you have to know people here to get a job otherwise they will not trust you apparently. If you are a foreigner you have no chance.

Being sent to coventry is true, it is a miserable experience, it is no joke, it has always been know to be this way, something in the air or water maybe, given the theories that say that no one there will talk to you it is true, it is a place only the undead can call their home, which is evident most people there have a natural antisocial streak and a disdain for anyone who appears to be physically different in the way that they look and racism is definitely one of the cities corner stones.

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There is a natural air of hostility and injustice that is present in this place called coventry that apartheid South Africa would be proud, proud coventriens scolding strangers that appear ‘out of place’ just shows the backwardness of the typical folk that prevail in this dump of a landmass. The original theory that being sent to coventry is to be ‘ostracised’, just shows how antisocial and clique minded this place is, which is probably due to their natural incapacity to be civilised and would rather ********** back to the laws of the jungle in order to steer clear of the dreaded johnny foreigner or dastardly different, and with their fear of those who appear different shows completely that this city is more like one of isolation and prejudice than it is of peace.

Coventry being accurately described as a place to begin a miserable existence where the taste of ashes and iron is prevalent upon this accursed city.

The city centre is aghast with vast swaths of shutdown shops or to be shut down shops, most likely due to people wising up to the state of the city and evacuating posthaste. Walking through the city centre of coventry is a very weird experience something very dark hangs over this city that invades your very being especially if you are not aware with yourself and cannot handle the bleakness of the place. In all circumstances it is best to avoid, it is a miserable place with overpriced tat, which explains the popularity of the church of primark, the number one stop to spend money sought from the pride of coventry called ‘cofa court’ job centre, the beloved job centre a place where worshippers congregate to be saved by keyboard tappers that don’t know their **** from their elbow.

The ******** of Birmingham has always had a bad reputation and this is known to many why people don’t settle here, the ones that do settle here are brummy benefit surfers and outside coventry losers that know that coming to coventry means easy benefits. Try being a respectable, employed, sound minded, educated individual in this place and you will be treated like a bad smell, which goes to show a certain dislike and disdain of those who try in life is certainly prevalent in coventry especially if you are a foreigner or look foreign to them because apparently you’re wasting your time, which is true, because they instinctively know that you haven’t got a chance in hell, which being coventry, is an accurate statement.

There is nothing good about coventry, it is a waste ground for the down and out and the segregated, not to mention it has a malicious baring about it, and try stepping foot into the city centre or walking to your local and you will have felt you were drained of life. Coventry really is a soul sucking place and a stain on the country which in all possibility should be reclaimed by nature.

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