Worst places to live in Essex

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  1. Living in Clacton-on-sea, Essex

    Clacton-On-Sea: a pure warning!

  2. Living in Bradwell on sea, Essex

    Bradwell on Sea: Village of the damned

  3. Living in Halstead, Essex

    Halstead – a place time forgot

  4. Living in Purfleet, Essex

    Purfleet, Essex: home to c***s, druggies and jobless layabouts

  5. Living in Southend-on-sea

    Southend-on-Sea, the a**e of Essex

  6. Living in Colchester

    Colchester, omg innt whateva geez, we iz fik!

  7. Living in Leigh on sea, Essex

    Leigh on Sea, thinks it’s a glass of champagne, when really it’s a bucket of p*ss

  8. Living in Colchester, Essex

    Colchester, Oh how this town has changed!

  9. Moving to Thurrock, Essex

    Living in Thurrock, Essex

  10. Living in Tilbury, Essex

    Tilbury, a God-forsaken town of disgruntled, rancorous d*ckheads

  11. Hawkwell And Hockley

    Hawkwell And Hockley

  12. Living in or moving to Harlow, Essex

    Harlow, Essex’s answer to Pripyat