Worst places to live in Essex

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  1. Living in Halstead, Essex

    Halstead – a place time forgot, full of lowlifes

  2. Living in Purfleet, Essex

    Purfleet, Essex: home to chavs, druggies and jobless layabouts

  3. Living in Southend-on-sea

    Southend-on-Sea, the arse of Essex

  4. Living in Colchester

    Colchester, omg innt whateva geez, we iz fik!

  5. Living in Leigh on sea, Essex

    Leigh on Sea, thinks it’s a glass of champagne, when really it’s a bucket of p*ss

  6. Living in Colchester, Essex

    Colchester, Oh how this town has changed!

  7. Moving to Thurrock, Essex

    Living in Thurrock, Essex

  8. Living in Tilbury, Essex

    Tilbury, a God-forsaken town of disgruntled, rancorous d*ckheads

  9. Hawkwell And Hockley

    Hawkwell And Hockley

  10. Living in or moving to Harlow, Essex

    Harlow, Essex’s answer to Pripyat

  11. Living in Romford

    Romford is commonly referred to as ‘slag town’

  12. Living in or moving to Tilbury, Essex

    Tilbury: Welcome to the country’s biggest dead end town