Living in Leigh on sea, Essex
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Leigh is a small-ish part of the larger Southend on Sea district. Leigh people like to think of themselves as ‘better’ than the rest of the district, and yes, there maybe more money per person floating around due to many of the inhabitants being City workers etc. As we all now however, money does not buy class.

This creates a weird kind of ‘oh, you’re not from Leigh then’ snobbery.

Truth is however, Leigh is crap. During the day, the Leigh wives move from nail shop to hair boutique to over-priced tat shop, out of having nothing much else to do. There’s nowhere to park in the narrow streets where they all live, so this creates a haven of aggression on the roads, with BMWs and 4x4s all vying for supremacy on the tiny streets.

It’s at night that the true horror of Leigh manifests itself however, in the myriad of ‘bars’ that festoon the tiny ‘centre’. Coked up oiks and orange women all scrambling to buy Starapramen at £6 a pint and make themselves heard over the din of the sort of music that would insult the intelligence of a 9yr old, whilst eyeing each other up.

The main pastime at night is looking for people ‘who aren’t from Leigh’, in order to look down their powdered noses at them. Fights are commonplace, and the over-bearing atmosphere is one of joyless faux-snobbery. After 1am, local cab drivers prefer to avoid Leigh, due to the possibility of violence or being verbally abused for not being from Leigh. It is truly a horror, and, as someone from one of the ‘lesser’ areas you would not get me to live there for anything.

So Leigh then: it thinks it’s a glass of champagne, when really it’s a bucket of p*ss.

  • Giant’s Seat

    Sounds better than Leigh : Greater Manchester

  • Jack

    Hardly a balanced review, which is further undermined by the fact you admit you do not actually live in Leigh.

    I’d just like to pick up on the taxi point. Do you not think that the majority of people getting a taxi from Leigh are going out of Leigh to Benfleet, westcliff etc where they actually live? You can hardly tarnish all people from Leigh based upon the behaviour of those who only come into Leigh because it’s a damn sight nicer than the rest of Southend other than Thorpe Bay. Which leads me to ask you how you can mock the fact the Broadway is seen as the centre, and then also degrade it by calling it small? Of course it’s going to be small, it’s a small bloody town. And how you can suggest that the bars are not actually bars, I have no idea, as that’s exactly what they are.

    As somebody that has lived and worked in leigh their entire life (including for the “Leigh wives”), I can assure you that many of these ladies-that-lunch are not actually from Leigh at all. Trust me, I’ve heard their conversations, ordered them taxis etc, often to Rayleigh, Thorpe Bay, Billericay, among many others including the “lesser areas” such as westcliff and Southend proper.

    This same line of work leads me to agree with you about the “coked up oiks and orange women” but again, they aren’t usually from Leigh, and their cash doesn’t come from the City but more their labouring, plumbing etc.

    Dont get me wrong, I think some of this rings true, but it sounds to me that it’s coming more from the chip on the shoulders of those who do live in truly less desirable areas (quite a large euphemism) that surround it.