Billericay the bullsh*t town of Essex

Living in Billericay, Essex

Billericay is one of the slightly lesser known towns of Essex and those who don’t know it, think it’s a posh place. Only the houses in Norsey road are posh, otherwise it’s a sh*thole full of *****.

South Green is probably the worst part of Billericay especially the shopping area where drug dealers and druggies spend their time looking for trouble and want pity acting like their very depressed. A slightly better area if you move out of South Green is Great Burstead well at least you are less likely to see gangs of *****.

Moving towards the Sunnymede area, it’s a big no no especially Green way where there are again shops and children as young as 7 smoke. If you go to the garages next to Greenway be even more aware as people with great courage has destroyed it with graffiti and nitrous oxide cans. If you’re unlucky you may come across cocaine or ****** so don’t go there especially if you see ***** ******* out. Another sh*thole of Sunnymede is the green located opposite Premier, there’s an alleyway to the right of it and I have been blackmailed to give money to the people who hang around there.

How grim is your Postcode?

Moving onto mill meadows, BEWARE!!! the entrance as you can immediately see gangs of 30 students smoking fighting getting drunk especially when school ends, otherwise it doesn’t get too bad other than a few incidents of arson. But got to admit DO NOT COME WHEN IT RAINS AS YOU WILL DEFINITELY BLOODY SLIP OVER AND HURT YOUR *** CRACK!!!.

Now our so called lively high street, Queen Elizabeth park II absolute sh*thole just a bit of grass and loads of unruly teens looking to cause no more than trouble. The high street looking more at the front of Poundland or Waitrose are ******** which ***** who reckon they rule the whole of Billericay and that there’s no one else more important than them. Our high street lively LMAO we only have a bloody Waitrose and that’s literally the only place where you can park added to the fact you have only limited parking spaces. There is a decent choice of food but jesus you can only shop in Waitrose, Iceland, Poundland, A tiny WHS smith, and a tiny Harrods. Your local high street will most likely be better than Billericays. Maybe the most dangerous roads which has seen the most crime in the town is Western road but in my opinion it’s not the worst.

Going to Radford way, here you get our lovely tiny train station. The parking is lovely, with dozens of vehicles reported stolen or damaged. What can be better than that added to the fact we have a lovely peaceful [cough cough!] disappointment park of Billericay, Lake Meadows. It’s amazing how people pay £5 to see a little pond not knowing the dangers that comes across them. Don’t you dare go near the skate park if you see gangs of young people because chances are, you will be thrown sticks at like me for example. These young ***** are most likely the cause of the Swimming centre First Strokes to be set on fire, then again, I am not going to point a finger at them just like that. Drug Dealers, Paedophiles, criminals of all sorts use this park to their advantage. A women had been stabbed with her baby being slapped in the park, just because some insensitive criminal wanted her bag and the brave women tried to fight the guy away.

Queens park, there’s the nice area and again there’s a Premier with not the most friendly people. There is also a huge council estate and that’s the area where most of the ***** originate from. Then again as you go down the road there are some decent houses. If you trip over into a farm called H******* farm, don’t decide to have a little walk there with your family unless you have been to countries like Honduras or dangerous parts of Mexico because there are an [allegation we can’t publish] there.

The best thing about Billericay was the police station was closed so many many incidents of crime couldn’t even be reported. The town is getting less safe than Basildon as certain people think it’s acceptable to destroy a reputation of what was once known as a peaceful area. Many criminals here are roaming around not facing any punishment whatsoever.

If you want to work in London try towns in the borough of Chelmsford and Brentwood, they are also close to London and more safe than Billericay or Basildon. If you really have to move here choose very wisely but anyways 🙂 peace.