Purfleet, Essex: home to *****, druggies and jobless layabouts

Welcome to Garrison Estate Purfleet, home to *****, druggies and jobless layabouts. At first glance you would think it’s a lovely place to live with lots of green spaces and historical buildings, but once you walk about you soon begin to see it’s true colours.

Purfleet has one school one shop and a few beaten up kids parks. Walking to the local shop you will be lucky if you don’t get high of the fumes from the local gangs, who happen to stand around all day smoking drinking and driving stolen motorbikes on the paths.

The buildings here are full of broken glass, graffiti and haven’t been painted since the time they were built. Nothing here is maintained and the people who live here only add to it. They seem to be purfectly (pun intended) happy to live in their own squalor.

Most are normally drugged up to their eyeballs doing the school run. Once you hit the school gates you’re welcomed by the sound of mums swearing at their children while happily chugging on a cheap cigarette. Don’t walk behind anyone unless you want to step on their discarded cocaine wrap.

No matter what you do, don’t leave your car unattended unless you like spray paint and no wheels or if your really lucky, they will set the whole thing alight. Transport links are rubbish and buses won’t even run onto the estate during firework season for fear of being blown up by a rouge rocket a child has stuffed inside the exhaust.

They do have the river walk which is its only redeeming feature, but all in all, Purfleet is a pretty abysmal place to live.
If you like drugs and not working, then it’s the place to be. However, if you’re like me then get the hell out of dodge.

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