Halstead – a place time forgot

Now I don’t know how many of you have heard of a small Essex town called halstead, because you should have, with the countless amount of crime that has grown inside it. The most exciting thing to happen in this town is a Costa opening which [allegedly] quickly got ******** with ****. This town is full of ***** and the majority either smoke weed in the park shelters or do drag racing around Butler Road. I unfortunately was born in this town and since a young age have been to scared to really leave my house isolating my self creating a horrible mental state. This is not mentioning the amount of Police and Helicopters always patrolling the town, despite the police station being shut down.

Also animal welfare is awful here. I see more missing animals than anywhere else. Our neighbours are half-wit staffie breeders, giving the poor breed the poor reputation they have. This all without mentioning some 3yr old boy was mauled to death by a dog just around the corner from my house. Now to the school [oh god no, here comes a legal minefield] and in particular The Ramsey Academy, [in the writer’s misguided view, it is] a ******** of a **** show [but is in reality is a shining beckon of educational excellence], in here you’re either the the bully or the bullied [although this statement nullifies itself as there are, of course, no bullies in this disciplined academy school, zero tolerance, etc, probably]. Walking in each morning, I would worry about my different kinds of ridicule for the day without having something stuck to my back or spitballs spat at me and my mates [in my imagination or iLiveHere gets sued]. This doesn’t even compare to the [rated “Good” by Ofsted] attempt at teaching these [model pupils]. However, as most classes [in the writer’s misguided view alone] were full of idiots screaming, dancing, heckling abuse, throwing things and even playing music at full blast. It doesn’t make it any easier however, when a child that obviously cares about their education though, is thrown in with a bunch of
[attentive pupils] with [every] intention to learn. I could mention the time some [female pupil] sat in front of me, tried to set fire to my hair with a lighter in class [but this is definitely a product of my imagination again and never happened. Phew, I think we got through that legally unscathed].

I guess you think you heard the last of it for now, but you shall be poorly disappointed as in my road alone is where most of the drama happens. Most people in here complain about ***** but have you seen their ****** children, already roaming the streets from the age of 5 with an iPhone at hand and a cigarette in their mouth from their drunken mothers heckling abuse at anyone they lay eyes on. Not counting, but the majority come from one house from down the road where more and more appear from the house every day, a house owned by some women intent on telling everyone she isn’t a ***** at 5 in the morning.

Also the co-op just around the corner has been robbed so many times the tills are bared over and security must be on-sìte 24/7. Not to mention Halstead once had a spree of youths going round smashing all shop windows in town. I’ve had a friend sexually assaulted here and i’ve been chased down streets, making me more wary than anything to move anywhere.

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